Preaching is at the heart of every minister’s calling.  Through the pulpit I seek to proclaim the “riches of Christ’s glory.”  This proclamation involves serious wrestling with Biblical texts and seeking to understand them both in their original context as well as for today.  Preaching is an awesome task – one that no preacher takes lightly.  If there is a secret to preaching it is that through these words the Holy Spirit will take and apply them to our lives so that we hear the voice of God as God calls our name.

Preaching is intensely personal, so all of these sermons are my creations. However, preaching also involves using illustrations and ideas from all manner of persons, known and unknown.  Where possible I have footnoted sources used, but in some instances I have either lost or do not know the source of the original story or illustration or even idea.  If you discover what you believe to be an omission on my part, please notify me and I will be glad to make such a correction.


                                                                                Robert U. Ferguson, Jr., Ph.D

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