We all go through times in our life when we could benefit from a little extra care and attention. Stephen Ministers are laypeople – Christian men and women – trained to provide one-to-one care to people experiencing a difficult time in life, such as grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, relocation, or separation due to military deployment. Stephen Ministers come from all walks of life. Their commonality — a passion for bringing Christ’s love and care to people during a time of need.

Stephens Ministry

Stephen Ministers are often referred to as the “after people.” After the funeral, when everyone has left and the emotions you’ve held at bay come crashing in on you, or after the last child drives away and the house suddenly seems empty. Whether you are experiencing a crisis, facing a challenge or simply going through a tough time, Stephen Ministry is here to help. Each member of the EBC Stephen Ministry team has received a minimum of 50 hours of caregiving training and will meet with you regularly to listen, care, encourage, support and remind you of Christ’s presence in your life.

If you would like to learn more about Stephen Ministry for yourself or someone you know, please contact a member of the Stephen Ministry Leadership Team.

Leadership Team
John Setchfield
Joyce Setchfield*
Chris Wynne
Sarah Beth Davis

*To make a referral for yourself or someone you know, please contact Joyce Setchfield at 882-2188.