Our Mission: Together embracing, changing, growing, connecting and sharing God’s love.

Our Core Values

Together: Authentic Community
Our congregation is a place where organic community forms and flourishes. We worship together, serve together, share meals together, grow together, and get to know each other.  We build strong, genuine relationships where we are challenged and loved to sustain us in our everyday lives.

Embracing: Open Acceptance
The EBC family is a community of genuine acceptance—we welcome anyone who enters our doors.  You don’t have to look a certain way, or think a certain way, or live a certain way to be a part of the Emerywood Community. We embrace each person’s individuality. Together we share challenges, encourage one another, and grow on the journey of faith. 

Changing: Missional Engagement
Emerywood doesn’t want to just do mission, but to be a part of changing the world around us with the way we live our lives every day. At the very core of our identity, both individually and as a congregation, is a commitment to loving our neighbors, serving each other, and extending compassion into the lives our congregation, our neighborhood, our community and our world.

Growing: Nurturing Faith
At EBC, we take our faith seriously. We do not tell you what you should believe, but ask you to think for yourself. By looking at Scripture and Christian traditions from different angles and in different forms, we ask challenging questions, and encourage us to discover the answers together—as individuals, and as a community. We think in new, creative, and different ways, and we invite those in our fold to figure out what faith means at a personal level, and consider how we live out our faith it our in your everyday lives.

Connecting: Sharing our Stories
Those who participate in the life of our congregation find joy, challenges, community and transformation here. As people encounter God and are transformed, we openly share our faith.  Through our actions, words, and conversations we tell our stories, and invite others into our community, and God’s home.

Loving: Living the Heart of God 
Emerywood seek to puts Christ and his message at the heart of all we do. Through bible study, prayer, worship, and service we strive to grow into the likeness of Jesus Christ.  Everyday we seek to act with the heart of Christ as we encounter what life brings us.


Our History

On Sunday afternoon May 20, 1956, forty-one persons met in the Tomlinson Elementary Auditorium for the purpose of constituting a new church to be called Emerywood Baptist Church.

EBC illustration, new

Emerywood Baptist Church, 1956-1966,
by Frances Haywood, Historian

The thought of our present day place of worship, Emerywood Baptist Church, was conceived by members of First Baptist Church. A study committee concluded with great conviction that the city of High Point would be well served by the establishment of an additional church, which should be out of the downtown area. In 1956, over eight acres of land was purchased to be the future location of Emerywood Baptist.

Following the report of the Pulpit Committee at a business session, Mr. Thomas Stephens Haggai of Rock Hill, SC was called as Emerywood’s pastor. The vote was unanimous and on October 21, 1956, and the first pastor of Emerywood Baptist Church was in the pulpit.

Charter membership was received until December 9, 1956, on which the number totaled 145. The members continued to meet at the Tomlinson School Building as foundations were laid for the new church. On Sunday, October 27, a Ground Breaking Service was held on the eight acres of land that had been previously purchased. During the week of January 25, 1959, dedication services were held at the new church at which numerous exceptional speakers and musicians participated.

There at the dawn of 1959 it stood, a beautiful house of worship, a dream come true! One prayer of united hearts gloriously answered!

Emerywood’s early years were a time of great growth in a thriving suburban area. In those first years, the congregation experienced a growth of 292 additional members. To this day, members still talk of Mrs. Edna Washburn and her personally baked pound cakes which she delivered in hand to persons interested in the church.

Through the faith and commitment of its members and under the guidance of several excellent ministers and preachers, the mission of Emerywood grew greatly. Several different programs within the church were initiated over the years, including a Boy Scout Troop, Girl Scout Troop, youth department, and more. Reaching out into the larger community, Emerywood contributed greatly to higher education and the building of High Point Regional Hospital. The church building has also served as a host for many organizations, including several AA groups, Interfaith Hospitality, and as a day care branch for Developmental Day Care from 1985 to 1998. In addition to contributing to several mission efforts including Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and Global Missions, members of Emerywood prepare and serve meals at West End Ministries every month, serve as a host facility for Interfaith Hospitality four weeks out of every year, and to participate in Project Cornerstone through which they repair houses. In mid-November, Emerywood was a part of the dedication of the Phelps House which is used by Caring Services in High Point. Over the past year, countless members of Emerywood Baptist had helped rebuild the Phelps house from its most basic framework.

Another feature of Emerywood Baptist, which began with its conception, is its ecumenical and progressive nature. Within its formative years, a member from one of the local Methodist churches gave the largest financial donation to the purchasing of the church’s 8 acres. The Jewish community of High Point also donated all of the greenery that was originally planted around the buildings and later the church would have occasional joint dinners with B’Nai Israel Synagogue, its neighboring religious facility. The ecumenical perspective of Emerywood has been lived out through its numerous joint endeavors with churches in the area, but also through its beliefs and practices.